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Chloe is ONE!

27 Mar

It was an honor to be featured on Amy Atlas. Very Proud!

Here are more details of the dessert table:

Chloe loves Sophie le giraffe ever since my Dad bought it. She threw her dummy & fell in love with Sophie. She could bite (or chew) on Sophie until she fell asleep with Sophie’s leg on her mouth.

We thought Chloe looks good on her red/white stripe & blue outfit (her outfit on the cake). So, Sophie+Red+White+Blue would make a great birthday theme.

Birthday Cake with Chloe & her favourite toys

I ordered Chloe’s cake at JB’s Sugar Art. I told Lia that I wanted Chloe in her “signature” outfit with Sophie le giraffe next to her & all her favorite toys as the cake topper. I sent all the related photos and told Lia that I wanted the white/red stripe & blue theme. Lia then came out with a final design that I loved and we went ahead with it.

I designed all the printables & printed them on a laser printer. The colour was AMAZING and was very proud of myself 🙂

I’ve been planning to buy all the edible items for the dessert table. I’m not a baker or a big fan of cooking. So, I don’t trust myself for serving any homemade food. I chose Jaffas & Marshmallows to bring up the red & white colours. I also bought red velvet cupcakes from the Ghermez for extra decoration. No special reason on the flavour. I just happen to love red velvet & we have red as the theme too. Win. For all the little people, I bought mini cookies made from milk. I used to have these cookies when I was a kid. It just melt in your mouth. I bought these cookies at an asian grocery shop.

The Detail

Chloe loves “Carol the Calf” book & she could sit still while flipping this book. Carol the Calf has to be her second favourite item after Sophie. If I were one of the Graysons (The Revenge), I would definitely give out Sophie le giraffe as a thank you gift. Unfortunately, I wasn’t so Chloe second favourite item had to be the one. It was the best decision & everyone agreed that it was a great thank you gift idea.

Thank You gift

Below is the final result. I got the base white linen from my workplace and the stripe white/red from IKEA. The jars & all other items are mostly from Hot Dollar.

Chloe and Sophie le girraffe dessert table
Chloe and Sophie le giraffe dessert table

The Birthday Girl!
The Birthday Girl!

The designer & party stylish!
A very proud designer & Mum!

Special thanks to my sister who took all of these pictures.



27 Mar

I’ve been wanting to have an inspirational blog for ages. I even came out with a website name 2 years ago and I bought After a wedding, a pregnancy, my baby’s 1st birthday and being a working mum, I finally get a chance to work on this blog.

I read & look for design inspiration everyday. I did alot of research during my wedding preparation and came across alot of design ideas and dessert tables. Lots of dessert tables! That was the first time I felt in love with dessert table and decided to make one for my wedding. It was my first wedding dessert table. Well, someone else decorated the dessert table but it was my idea & design. I will blog about that in the future. Need to open the wedding album 🙂

This is a welcome post. Now I need to work on the next post. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Ciao for now 😉