Wedding Sweet Corner

20 Apr

It was three years ago when I was busy researching for wedding ideas and came across Amy Atlas’ beautiful sweet table(see no. 32). That day I decided, I MUST have a sweet table on my wedding.

Living 10,000km from the wedding venue and planning your dream wedding was definitely a challenge. Especially when the city that you about to have the wedding was very chinese oriented and never seen a sweet table on a wedding before. Thanks to my very creative wedding planner – Lilysan (she has a very successful bridal company now – Brides on 22) and the decorator – De Lavender, they made it all possible.

I brought most of the supplies from Sydney. Yes, including the 20kg pink & white almond candies. It was the craziest thing that I’ve done. Stopped by the airport security, got scolded by the hubby to be and hand carried all the away to the cabin!

I bought the almond candies from Truly Madly Deeply and all the jars were from Victoria’s Basement and Peters of Kensington.

The Wedding Cake – I emailed a few photos that I like and the baker came back with an amazing classic design. I simply love it.

The Invitation – Thanks to my sister for choosing such a beautiful invitation. Very Classy.
A few weeks before the wedding, my decorator – De Lavender saw my wedding invitation & decided to use the design as the background for the sweet table. It was the best idea ever!

The Sweet Corner – The result of hundreds of emails back & forth! 🙂

The heart marshmallows were from Coles.

This beautiful “Sweet Corner” were vanished within 1/2 hour from the start of the reception. I even lost one of my jars ;(

I thought I share a few photos of my wedding decor. Hope you like it.

The Happy Couple with the collage background posters that I made & printed in Sydney 🙂

Photography by Darwin Wu.


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