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Chloe is ONE!

27 Mar

It was an honor to be featured on Amy Atlas. Very Proud!

Here are more details of the dessert table:

Chloe loves Sophie le giraffe ever since my Dad bought it. She threw her dummy & fell in love with Sophie. She could bite (or chew) on Sophie until she fell asleep with Sophie’s leg on her mouth.

We thought Chloe looks good on her red/white stripe & blue outfit (her outfit on the cake). So, Sophie+Red+White+Blue would make a great birthday theme.

Birthday Cake with Chloe & her favourite toys

I ordered Chloe’s cake at JB’s Sugar Art. I told Lia that I wanted Chloe in her “signature” outfit with Sophie le giraffe next to her & all her favorite toys as the cake topper. I sent all the related photos and told Lia that I wanted the white/red stripe & blue theme. Lia then came out with a final design that I loved and we went ahead with it.

I designed all the printables & printed them on a laser printer. The colour was AMAZING and was very proud of myself 🙂

I’ve been planning to buy all the edible items for the dessert table. I’m not a baker or a big fan of cooking. So, I don’t trust myself for serving any homemade food. I chose Jaffas & Marshmallows to bring up the red & white colours. I also bought red velvet cupcakes from the Ghermez for extra decoration. No special reason on the flavour. I just happen to love red velvet & we have red as the theme too. Win. For all the little people, I bought mini cookies made from milk. I used to have these cookies when I was a kid. It just melt in your mouth. I bought these cookies at an asian grocery shop.

The Detail

Chloe loves “Carol the Calf” book & she could sit still while flipping this book. Carol the Calf has to be her second favourite item after Sophie. If I were one of the Graysons (The Revenge), I would definitely give out Sophie le giraffe as a thank you gift. Unfortunately, I wasn’t so Chloe second favourite item had to be the one. It was the best decision & everyone agreed that it was a great thank you gift idea.

Thank You gift

Below is the final result. I got the base white linen from my workplace and the stripe white/red from IKEA. The jars & all other items are mostly from Hot Dollar.

Chloe and Sophie le girraffe dessert table
Chloe and Sophie le giraffe dessert table

The Birthday Girl!
The Birthday Girl!

The designer & party stylish!
A very proud designer & Mum!

Special thanks to my sister who took all of these pictures.